LeCom Utility Contractors Helping to Restore Power in Wake of Blizzard Nemo

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LeCom Utility Contractors Helping to Restore Power in Wake of Blizzard “NEMO”

Detroit Storm Restoration Unit Dispatches 20 Trucks and 40 Linemen to Cape Cod Massachusetts

A long caravan of utility trucks manned with experienced power lineman along with all the necessary support staff hit the road at 5:00am on February 7th, so they could be in position on Cape Cod to assist Massachusetts Power companies in service restoration.

The LeCom Team joined hundreds of lineman from across the north east in restoring power to over six hundred thousand customers in some of the worst and dangerous working conditions faced by power lineman. The Lecom Team began restoration work on Saturday morning even as the white out blizzard conditions continued, the weather did not begin to improve on the Cape until late Saturday evening. The crews are expected to return to Michigan within ten days.

LeCom has assisted with restoring power in the wake of other natural disasters in recent years including Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita in 2005, Gustave in 2008, Earl in 2010 and Sandy in 2012 and after numerous wind and ice storms across New York, Kansas, Boston, Chicago, Maine, West Virginia and Ohio.   


About LeCom

Founded in 1980, LeCom, Inc. (www.lecomutility.com) has grown into a large company that performs contracting and installation services for communications and energy providers. It operates six offices and warehouses throughout metropolitan Detroit, including Port Huron and employs more than 200 highly skilled workers in its Communications and Utility Divisions.


The Utility Division provides services in all phases of power line construction, hybrid fiber/coax network construction as well as maintenance and emergency restoration services for major regional electrical providers.

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