Letters from Mendham

by webadmin 12. November 2012 13:33

Dear Mr. Lentine:

      It was a pleasure speaking with you today. I was shocked when the young lady who answered the phone asked if I would like to talk with you. You did not know me or why I was calling and you were so very kind to take your valuable time to speak with me.

      How do I put into words how appreciative we all are for your linemen coming to help during a very difficult time in New Jersey. As I expressed to you in our telephone conversation I cannot say enough good things about the men that were sent to help us. They are all such perfect gentlemen, as you were with me today. The men are ready to step up in a heartbeat even though they are, I am sure, very tired. Your men are being so very cautious, as I know they were trained to be, and are working endlessly to complete the jobs they were sent to do. I wanted to buy then breakfast this morning but they insisted it was not necessary as they were well taken care of.

      When you sent your men here it had to be very difficult for them to leave their families not knowing when they would return home to see them again so I would also like to thank their families (wives, children, girlfriends, moms, dads, sisters and brothers) for their sacrifice of not seeing their loved ones for such a long time and that if allowed we would be their temporary families and watch out for them. I wish there were a way their families could know how thankful we are and how proud of them they should be. You said they may not be home for Thanksgiving but I pray they will be.

      They have worked so long and tirelessly. I don't know how they are coping but they are and doing a great job. Michigan and LeCom should be very proud of these men.

      If you can please tell them all to be safe.

With Best Regards,
Barbara M
Mendham, NJ

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