At LeCom Safety, we measure Reliability, our success and Professionalism. To accomplish this vital safety goal the LeCom team utilizes a safety program with three main pillars, Training, Equipment Testing and Certification.

About Power Utility Team

The LeCom Power Utility Team specializes in high-voltage power construction and repair projects.
Work experience includes base load status with our home utility DTE Energy, projects for major public utility companies, municipal governments, and other organizations. Our expertise in a wide range of energy technologies and substation designs help us provide reliable value to our customers. We also feature an impressive fleet of equipment and tools enabling our company to work on a variety of utility projects and restoration emergencies.

LeCom linemen construct and maintain overhead and underground electrical power transmission and distribution systems. Our dedicated team erects and maintains steel, wood, or concrete poles, towers, and guy wires. We install, maintain, and repair overhead and underground power lines and cables, insulators, conductors, lightning arrestors, and other equipment.

The LeCom Power Utility Team is ready to respond to any emergency situation, no matter the time or weather conditions. When there is a power disturbance, failure, or storm damage, LeCom power linemen locate the source of the problem and replace or repair defective power lines and accessories. Our highly trained linemen use wiring diagrams, voltage indicating devices and other electrical testing instruments to identify defective automatic sectionalizing devices, circuit breakers, fuses, voltage regulators, transformers, switches, relays, or wiring.

The LeCom Power Utility Team brings a unique blend of skilled and experienced manpower, new technology, and able management to address all aspects of construction. We provide turnkey services in design and engineering, material management for installation, and construction. Our flexibility and capability help clients save time and money on critical projects.

We are experts in our field. Clients have relied on the LeCom Power Utility Team to identify causes of power disruption on underground and aerial transmission lines and networks. Our pinpoint analyses have resulted in timely service resolutions.

LeCom services also include evaluation and maintenance of existing poles and towers, as well as engineering work for right-of-way acquisition, route surveys, and bid preparation. LeCom will do everything within its power to keep your operation running efficiently and minimize costly downtimes. We not only do the installation, but we also assist in its design.

Client satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. No work begins at a job site until our daily safety meeting is conducted, and our safety standards are in place. We always strive to meet our clients’ individual safety standards.