Lecom Utility Contractors

Founded in 1980, LeCom Utility Contractors, Inc. has grown to become one of Michigan's premier communications and power line contractors. Based in Warren, Michigan, LeCom has become a multi-million dollar company that performs a range of contracting and installation services for communications and energy providers. LeCom Utility Contractors, Inc. operates throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio and employs more than 350 highly skilled workers in its communications and utility divisions.

The Communication Division's 150 technicians provide manpower for one of the largest communications companies in America. Their skills include the installation and servicing of cable television, broadband Internet, telephone service and home security systems.

The Utility Division provides services in all phases of High Voltage and Low Voltage construction and maintenance, including hybrid fiber/coax network construction, power line construction and maintenance, and restoration services for major regional electrical providers.

LeCom Utility Contractors Storm Restoration Team responds to large scale weather related power outages such as hurricanes and ice storms. The team is able to mobilize within 24 hours into a mile long caravan of men and equipment rolling down the highway to assist in power restoration services anywhere east of the Mississippi River, including the Gulf States.

Overall, LeCom organizes its services into four teams: High Voltage, Low Voltage, Communications Services and Storm Restoration. LeCom's power utility employees are members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers (IBEW) and Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO.