Joint Use

LeCom’s Joint Use Team performs the transfer of multiple communication lines from obsolete utility poles. This task entails the transfer of the communication lines to the new pole and then the removal of the obsolete utility pole. 

Our Make Ready team works with utility companies and communication companies to create safe pole attachment clearances for new communication lines. This includes the raising and/or lowering of existing communication line attachments on the utility pole.

Our Violation Repairs team works in unison with utility companies and multiple broadband communication companies to correct pole attachment clearance violations. This task entails the raising and/or lowering of existing communication attachments on the utility pole to meet safety and engineering standards.

Our Capabilities:

  • Utility pole attachment transfer planning
  • Make-ready attachment planning
  • Make-ready attachment management
  • Two-pole clean up and removal (Doublewood remediation)
  • Violation repairs