Founded in 1980, LeCom has grown to become one of Michigan’s premier power line and communications contractors. LeCom is a multi-million-dollar company that performs a range of contracting and installation services for energy and communication providers.

LECOMBy The Numbers

42 Years in business
7 Locations in Metro Detroit Area
8 Divisions
350+ Number of employees
300 Trucks / Equipment
For more than 40 years, America’s largest communication and energy providers have turned to LeCom to build and maintain their systems. Our Team is proud of the industry-wide respect we have built by providing a highly-skilled, dependable, and safety-minded workforce.
Here at LeCom, we believe that safety is the most vital function of our organization. A great safety culture starts with every employee striving to reach the peak of zero incidents. We focus on achieving this goal through continuous in-depth job safety training, monthly safety committee meetings, on-the-job evaluations, and much more.