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Our Commitments

Always Safe | Customer – Focused Integration | Unparalleled Reliability

For more than 40 years, America’s largest communications and energy providers have turned to LeCom to install and maintain their systems. The LeCom team is proud of the industry-wide respect we have built by providing a highly skilled, dependable, safety-minded workforce.

In 2020, LeCom was acquired by Thayer Power & Communication, based in Pataskala, OH, in their efforts to build a regional service provider for the power and telecommunications industries. That same year, Thayer Infrastructure Services Group (TIS) was formed to oversee a growing family of companies, bolstered by Thayer Power and Communication and LeCom Utility Contractors.

In 2021, LeCom moved its corporate office to a new space in Warren, MI to accommodate our rapid growth. In addition to our corporate office, we have nine regional offices across the state of Michigan as well as one regional office location in Gas City, IN.

LeCom takes pride in our reputation for quality, our culture of safety, and our ability to stay current with the evolving utility industry needs, utilizing all five teams to take client concepts from start to finish. Our Power, Fiber, Underground, Joint Use, and Emergency Restoration Teams can ramp up quickly, working together or separately to achieve all goals and timelines. One of the best things about LeCom and its family of companies is that we can work separately or as a team, bringing multiple divisions and entities on board, to complete a project safely and efficiently anywhere in our regional footprint. 

Our Services


Our Power Utility Team specializes in high-voltage power installation and repair projects. Our expertise in a wide range of energy technologies and substation designs helps us provide reliable value to our customers. Our core capabilities include but are not limited to distribution, street lighting, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), small cell in the power space, and substations.​ 


Our Fiber Team was founded in 1980 when the burgeoning cable television industry began its expansion into the Detroit metropolitan area. Our core capabilities include aerial and underground construction, ADSS, pole placement, FTTH, fiber to the cell, fiber fusion splicing, and turnkey solutions. 


LeCom maintains a specialized fleet of equipment, including excavators, trenchers, directional drilling machines, and conduit and wire handling equipment to support our Underground Team. We specialize in directional drilling, emergency repair/restoration, roadway, and right-of-way restoration, trenching, high voltage cable termination and splicing, hydro vac excavation, electric feeder installation, and cable pulling and blowing.​ 

Joint Use

Our Joint Use Team performs the transfer of multiple communication lines from obsolete utility poles. We also specialize in violation repairs and make-ready attachments.​ 

Emergency Restoration

LeCom’s Emergency Restoration Team has been responding to weather-related power outages in the Atlantic and Gulf regions since 2005. When the call comes in for assistance, the LeCom Team can be mobilized within 24 hours, ready to assist our neighbors in their time of need! 

To support LeCom’s multiple divisions, we have an incredible Fleet Department. This department maintains a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and equipment. Our fleet is made up of multiple power buckets, directional bore rigs, cable placers, Digger Derricks, a hydro excavation VacTruck, excavators, and support vehicles.

We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for employees, making sure our culture is always safe.