Lecom believes that safety is the most vital component of our organization. A great safety culture starts with every employee fully embracing the goal to reach the peak of zero incidents.  We focus on achieving this goal through in depth job safety training, monthly safety committee meetings, on the job evaluations, and much more. Our purpose is to ensure the wellbeing of all Lecom employees and residents of the communities we serve.

Our Safety Credentials

Lecom Daily Safety Program

Daily Morning Meeting
  • Conducted with all crew members of the yard
  • Topics Discussed
  • Examine the job and locations
  • Communicate hazards seen in the area by preflight crew
Pre-Job Briefing in the Field
  • On-site crews discuss steps of the job
  • Pre-walk the jobsite for hazards prior to job commencement
  • Discuss job responsibilities
  • Discuss the voltage of the location
  • Mitigate hazards by proper jobsite set-up and PPE usage
  • Identify the closest medical facility
Management Field Presence
  • Management officials conduct jobsite evaluations of crews daily
  • Coach crew members on proactive basis

Monthly Safety Program

Safety Committee Meetings
  • Discuss crew concerns and needs
  • Discuss safety metrics for the month
  • OSHA Safety Topic of the month
  • New PPE Testing – Safety committee members trial and test
Safety Topic of the Month
  • Every month has a new OSHA safety training topic
  • Each Lecom facility has an onsite in-person training class
  • Online Training Program Via YouTube for offsite training
  • Weekly safety training texts and security alerts

Safety Testing of Equipment and PPE

  • Lecom follows all federal and local laws for testing of di-electric materials.
  • In most cases, Lecom policies are more stringent than the federal and local laws.