At LeCom Safety, we measure Reliability, our success and Professionalism. To accomplish this vital safety goal the LeCom team utilizes a safety program with three main pillars, Training, Equipment Testing and Certification.


Founded in 1980, Lecom Utility , Inc. has grown to become one of Michigan’s premier communications and power line contractors. Based in Warren, Michigan, Lecom is a multi-million dollar company that performs a range of contracting and installation services for communications and energy providers. Lecom Utility Contractors, Inc. operates five facilities throughout Detroit area. Lecom employs more than 350 highly skilled workers across its communications and utility divisions. At Lecom, we have the experience, the resources and the track record for performance that our customers deserve and demand in their contracting partner.

  • Power Utility Team

    The LeCom Power Utility Team specializes in high-voltage power construction and repair projects.
    Work experience includes base load status with our home utility DTE Energy, projects for major public utility companies, municipal governments, and other organizations. Our expertise in a wide range of energy technologies and substation designs help us provide reliable value to our customers. We also feature an impressive fleet of equipment and tools enabling our company to work on a variety of utility projects and restoration emergencies.

  • Joint Use Division

    LeCom’s Joint Use Division performs the transfer of multiple communication lines from obsolete utility poles. This task entails the transfer of the communication lines to the new pole and then the removal of the obsolete utility pole. This division is a combination of Make Ready Division and Violation Repairs Division.

  • Storm Restoration Team

    The LeCom Storm Restoration Team has been responding to weather-related power outages in the Atlantic and Gulf regions since 2005. Our team of highly skilled linemen has rushed to the aid of storm victims in such locations as Texas, Louisiana, Florida, West Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Alabama, and Chicago. When the call comes in for assistance, the Lecom Storm Restoration Team can be mobilized within 24 hours to form a mile-long caravan of experienced linemen and equipment ready to assist our neighbors in their time of need.

  • Broadband & Telecommunication Division

    The LeCom Broadband Communications Team was founded in 1980 when the burgeoning cable television industry began its expansion into the Detroit metropolitan area. We were the conduits for numerous cable providers, helping them secure franchise agreements from local municipalities and working with them to wire neighborhoods with coaxial cable. In a five-year period, our highly skilled technicians connected more than 250,000 households. We wired the 138-square mile City of Detroit twice – both times ahead of schedule and under budget.

  • Communications and Installation Team

    As the telecommunications industry exploded in the 1990’s, driven by technology advancements and de-regulation, utility poles in America’s neighborhoods became crowded. To address over capacity, major electrical energy providers enacted stringent standards regarding the joint use and placement of lines on these poles. With our significant experience and sterling reputation for installing coaxial cable and fiber optics both overhead and below grade, the energy providers and other utility pole users soon called on Lecom to service, maintain and upgrade the infrastructure to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.

  • Underground Division

    LeCom maintains a specialized fleet of construction equipment, including excavators, trenchers, directional drilling machines, and conduit and wire handling equipment. With our experienced workforce and fleet, we can meet the varied demands of underground installations, from simple subdivision electrical services to high voltage systems several miles in length.

  • Wireless Division

    LeCom, through the many years of experience, has become a leading supplier of a broad range of technology, communication system, and electrical system design. LeCom specializes in working with the wireless providers in designing custom turnkey solutions to integrate with a legacy infrastructure and navigate complex regulations.